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Workshops we facilitate

We are happy to share our knowledge so we run a number of workshops. 

  • Graphic design. Deepen your software knowledge or learn about the publishing process if you intend to self-publish a book. (Small group or one-to-one)
  • Stop-motion animation workshops. Creative and team building workshops for small groups using puppets. For more info visit
  • Artist's Survival Cooking. Hands-on flour-and-water workshops for community groups to try out recipes from the Artist's Survival Cookbook.

To check our availability or inquire about a workshop email us using the form below.

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Dietlind Wagner has been a lecturer and workshop facilitator for two decades. She has a student centred approach to teaching and is  excellent in building a warm and welcoming environment conducive to stress-free learning.


"Dietlind is pushing us to do our best and explore our own ideas which helps us to become more confident in our work"

Graphic Design Student

"This week brought together a group of mature, aware and actively inquisitive people to be further educated by  a front-line lecturer, a privilege for us all.

Participant of Photoshop for Artists Workshop

This type of work is of enormous value in allowing people to express themselves in a fun and non-threatening way.

Stop-motion animation workshop participant