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Why use Zeitgeist Design?

A tidy, functional printed page is within the capabilities of any computer literate individual.  But to truly bring your words to life a thoughtful design is necessary – and this takes skill and time. The subtleties of the design send hidden signals which engage the attention of a specific target group. If the appearance of the page fails to draw the intended reader in, all your hard work is simply wasted. 

With our skill and experience we will turn diverse elements into an effective packaging for your message. We work hands-on with you to achieve exactly what you want, right through to the professional looking finished product. And we can save you a lot of headache along the way.

Ask us if you need:
  • Flyers or Brochures
  • A Logo
  • Book design or reports
  • Help with online publishing
  • Web design
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We started using Zeitgeist Design in 2005 and have been impressed with their combination of professionalism and creativity ever since. Dietlind and Mike have become an integral part of our small business, understanding the different facets of our brand and image and coming up with just the right look to suit every job. They are happy to help with anything from a simple text job to seeing a large project through from conception to production – it's wonderful being able to hand over a job and know not only that the design work will be done to a high standard and on time, but also that all the printing and production requirements will be taken care of. I have always found the Zeitgeist team to be friendly and approachable and able to discuss design ideas and production practicalities in an accessible way. Their combination of artistic and creative skills and outstanding knowledge of design software means that jobs can be completed efficiently and without unexpected errors.”

Heather, ABRSM