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Buy a signed copy of a Dede puppet book here

Any bookstore can source the Dede books. But if you are after something special and you want to have the copy signed, you can order it from the artist. Invoicing is done via Paypal, so it is as secure as it gets on the Internet. (Price in New Zealand Dollars)

Shipping anywhere in New Zealand is $5. 


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Hermit's Web or the few friends I need I hand-craft myself  

With this book the Dede's burst onto the scene. Originally conceived as "No bodies" they very quickly developed personalities of their own. The book describes their quirky social network and introduces the first fifteen characters. The story is based on real life observations and it is very easy to recognise their traits in people from your own personal network.

 ISBN 978-0-473-20669-7 | full colour quality hard cover, stitched, 76 pages, 160mm by 150mm


"A 'Meisterwerk' of its own kind and will be thoroughly enjoyed by those with appropriate insight" Nick, Auckland


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The Artist's Survival Cookbook. Recipes with flour and water  

When the  Artist hit hard times, the Dedes had to chip in and come up with an idea for making a crust, and so the Artist's Survival Cookbook was born.The puppets expertly point out baking tips and pitfalls, and they have the occasional opinionated take on diet and life in general. The book was written with the kitchen novice in mind.

ISBN 978-1-517416765-3 | 114 full colour pages, perfect bound, 215mm by 215mm


 "Congratulations on the book. Could I cook some buns? Or even a loaf of bread? Could I man up to venturing into unknown and terrifying territory? To my astonishment, the kitchen was not only not scary, bread-making was fun". John, Whanganui